Van Oers Marathon Brabant home edition 2020

The Van Oers Marathon Brabant in its usual form has unfortunately been cancelled this year, but we have organized an alternative: the Van Oers Marathon Brabant Home Edition.

It's simple: you can participate by running your own course, anywhere in the world! The Marathon Brabant foundation and our main sponsor Van Oers have decided on this alternative to encourage people to keep moving, even in times of social distancing. We have prizes for the winners of the respective categories. All participants of the Van Oers Marathon Brabant 2020 automatically enter for a chance to win a Garmin watch. Participating in our home edition is free!


How does it work? 

The competition starts on 10 October and ends on 25 October at 5pm (Amsterdam time, GMT+1). You may run your own course anywhere in the world, as long as you maintain one of the following set distances: 5 km run, 10 km run, 21.1 km half marathon, 42.2 km marathon, Family Run with your (grand)child (1 km) or Walk (15 km). The first four distances are competitive, meaning there will be prizes for the winners.

This is how you can participate!

  • Please go to the online registration form and choose for one of the set distances. There is no registration fee. When you register you will be given the option to donate to the Harold van Zundert Foundation charity if you would like to do so, using the payment method Ideal. Registration closes on 24 October.

  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the competition rules. You will also find these rules below.

Rules for participating in the 5 km and 10 km run, 21.1 km half marathon and 42.2 km marathon

  • After submitting your registration, you need to join and become a member of the Marathon Brabant club page that corresponds to the distance you have signed up for. Please use the following links: 5 km10 km, (21.1 km) half marathon or (42.2km) marathon.
  • You may run your own course during this competition at any point of time between 10 October and 25 October 17.00pm (Amsterdam time, GMT+1). You may start running right outside of your front door, or any other place of your choice. Your course does not necessarily have to begin and end in the same place, as long as you run the correct distance.
  • Please upload your distance and time via and change the title of the Strava activity to “Van Oers MB 2020; [Distance]; [First name, last name]”. This way, we can be certain that your activitiy is part of the competition.
  • Your Strava activity must be a GPS file format containing a 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km or 42.2 km run. You can upload this GPS file to using your smartwatch or by using the Strava app on your phone while running.
    Please be sure to upload your distance as a SEPARATE FILE, meaning without a warmup and cooldown. Always start a new workout on your watch or phone before starting your run for this competition. Delete any parts containing a warmup, cooldown, and other peripherals from the Strava activity before submitting them to our competition.
  • Please note that you must both register using the registration form AND join the correct Strava club to join this competition.
  • After 25 October, we will make up a classification for each distance in two categories: male and female.
  • The Van Oers Marathon Brabant does noet distinguish between different age categories for the classification.
  • Would you like to retry your run before you submit it to the competition, or would you like to participate in two or more distances? You can! Your fastest time always counts. However, please take care and do not push your body beyond its limits.
  • If you would like to participate in the competition for multiple distances, please make sure to submit the registration from for each distance and sign up for each of the corresponding club pages on Strava. If you have trouble registering multiple times, please contact us.

Family Run and 15 km Walk

Would you like to participate in the Family Run or the 15 km Walk? Please send proof of your participation in a way of your choice (for example a selfie) by e-mail. Please enter "Van Oers MB 2020 participation" as the subject of this email and please indicate whether or not you give us permission to share this information on our social media channels. Your e-mail of proof is your ticket for the chance to win a Garmin watch.

PLEASE NOTE: Always follow your country’s guidelines regarding COVID-19. Only participate if you are completely healthy. Stay indoors if you have symptoms of a cold, and avoid running in groups and on busy routes. The Van Oers Marathon Brabant is not liable for any violation of these guidelines.

Sign up and win a Garmin watch!

We will raffle 3x a Garmin watch among everyone who is registered and who runs or walks his chosen distance. So sign up quickly!

Prizes classification

5km and 10 km run, 21.1 half marathon and 42.2 marathon (via Strava)

The general classification of each distance is divided into Male and Female. We do not distinguish between different age categories or nationalities.

The numbers one, two and three will receive a medal with name, distance and time on it.

Manual is a website for recording laps, walking routes or other sports. It has a mobile app for the phone. You can use Strava in two ways: you can have your sportswatch synchronized with the Strava app or you can take your mobile phone during your round and let the app record the distance and time while running.

Using your mobile phone:

  • Open the app of Strava, don't forget your GPS and go to the tab 'Record'.
  • Choose running as a sport and press 'Start'. The app immediately starts recording. You can also start while you already are running.
  • Along the way you will see the distance, time and average pace.
  • Finished your run? Press 'Stop' (square block) and then "Finish". Save the activity under the correct name (see the rules on the left). You can save and edit the name later if you don't know the correct information right away. Your run is immediately visible in the Strava club of the event.

Do you want to run a specific route? You can set this up in Strava using the computer. You can then find and select it via the app.

Do you have a question about our Home Edition?