Necessary information (English)

Every year the Van Oers Marathon Brabant in Etten-Leur welcomes a lot of runners from other countries. We are very proud that so many of you travel to Etten-Leur to participate in our running event. On this page you will find the information you need for your participation. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our board member Marloes.



The registration for the Van Oers Marathon Brabant opens on 1st May. You can register online through the Dutch or Englisch registration form. Registration is possible up till 30 minutes before the start of your choosen distance.

If you pre-register (open until 5th October) you will have your name printed on your starting number as well as paying the lowest registration fee.

Possible distances

  • Marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 10 kilometer
  • 5 kilometer

We also have a 2,5 kilometer for children of the age 10 - 16 year and a Family run for children up till 12 year.

All of our trails are flat, except for the overpasses when crossing the highway A58. When walking the half marathon and marathon, you will walk through a beautiful forest and outside area. You can view our trails on the page

Where do I register?

You can use the English registration form on the page

Registration fee

Collecting your starting number

Participants with a foreign adress need to collect their starting number at the site of the Nobelaer, adress Parklaan 2, 4873 ER, Etten-Leur. This is possible on Saturday 26 October between 09.30 and 15.00 h or on Sunday 27 October from 09.00 h. Be on time. You can collect your starting number on Sunday up to 30 minutes before the start. Please be on time.

There will be pins available to pin your starting number on your cloths.

Ordering our T-shirt

When pre-registering you can order a special T-shirt of this edition. You can collect this T-shirt at the site of the Nobelaer, adress Parklaan 2 in Etten-Leur. This is at a different counter than collecting your starting number.

Engraving your medal

At your pre-registration you can order the engraving of your medal after you finish (€ 7). We will print the Dutch word 'gravure' on your starting number. After your finish you can go to the engraving booth at the site of the Nobelaer, Parklaan 2. You can also decide to engrave your medal on the day itself. You will then have to pay € 9 at the booth of the medal engraver at the Nobelaer.

Changing clothes and shower

You can change clothes at the site of the Nobelaer, adress Parklaan 2, 4873 ER, Etten-Leur. There are no showers at this site.
Unfortunately we can't use the swimming pole next to the Nobelaer.

Dressingrooms and free showers are available at the this of atlethics club Achilles (Concordialaan 206). You can use special busses to get from and to this site.

Valuable items

There is a special wardrobe at the site of the Nobelaer to leave your valuable items behind like wallet and telephone.

Starting times

10:30 h 10 kilometer
10:45 h Marathon
12:00 h 5 kilometer
12:45 h Half marathon
12:55 h 2,5 kilometer (10-16 years)
16:00 h Family run

Switchting between distances

Do you feel fit enough to run a higher distance than you registered for? That is possible. You can contact our Registration Office by e-mail or at the site of the Nobelaer on Saturday 26 October or Sunday 27 October (see opening times before). You will have to pay for the difference in fee.

Do you want to run a lower distance than you reigstered for? That is also possible if you contact our Registration Office by e-mail or at the site of the Nobelaer on Saturday 26 October or Sunday 27 October (see opening times before). You won't get the difference in fee back.

Cancelling your participation

Unfortunately if you have an injury or can't make our event, there will be no refund. This is mostly because there are high costs for organising our event.

Facilities during the race

When you run a half marathon and marathon we have different drinking stations during the race. Each drinking station has water and sportsdrink.

Half marathon at: 5 - 10 - 15 - 18 km
Marathon at: 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 26 - 31 - 35 - 38 km

Your own drinks for your marathon

If you participate in our marathon, you can hand in your own drinks for each drinking station one hour before the race. Make sure to write your starting number and drinking station kilometer where we can put your drink.

What to expect at the finish

After the finish you will receive your medal and necessary care. You can get water, bananas and tea. There is also first aid available.

Are there any prices?

We have prices available for the overall number 1, 2 and 3 at the distances 10km, half marathon and marathon. When this is the case, our volunteers will put a paper on your neck with the time for the ceremony. You will receive money if you beat our current course record.

How do I get to Etten-Leur?

There are hotels available if you book on time: Hotel Witte Paard (at the start) and Hotel Fletcher. There are also some Bed & Breakfast facilities. Etten-Leur is also easily accessible by public transport, there is a railway station and a bus station. Both stations are in close proximity to the registration office at the Nobelaer and to the start and finish. You can therefore also stay in cities like Breda, Roosendaal or Rotterdam.